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How to Kick a Soccer Ball: Side Foot

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Learn how to kick the ball with the side of the foot

This video is for any footballer hoping to improve the shooting and pass technique

Benjamin Tordjmann

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Aisling Flynn - Sikana
Aisling Flynn
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In this video you will learn how to shoot using the inside of your foot.

A kick using the inside of the foot is very precise but it is not as powerful as an instep kick.

You would use this type of shot when you are near the goal.

The inside of the foot is the flat inner side of your foot.

Its the same part of the foot that you use for short passes.

To kick using the inside of your foot, place your planter foot about 20 centimetres or so to the left of the ball if you are right footed ( like the example in the video).

The planter foot is the one that isn't kicking the ball.

Then kick the centre of the ball with the side of your foot, turning your foot perpendicular to your target while keeping it parallel to the ground.

There are 2 important points to bear in mind for this kick.

First point: turn your planter foot and your shoulders towards your target. This will give you more accuracy.

Second point: bend both your legs when taking the shot.

The planter foot should be facing straight ahead, and the kicking foot to the side.

This will make your kick much easier to do.

Take advantage of the high accuracy of this shot by aiming for targets beyond the reach of the goalie, for example the upper or lower corners of the goal!

You now know how to shoot with the inside of your foot!

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