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Soccer Shots: Cross the Ball into the Box

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Learn the key steps involved in putting a great cross into the penalty box.

This is a great way to step up a goal-scoring situation. A handy video for any budding midfielders and wingbacks

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In this video, you'll learn how to centre the ball, also known as crossing the ball

Crossing the ball allows you to make a pass to a teammate in front of the goal when you're far away near the sidelines

It can be executed low along the ground, or higher up through the air

The teammate that receives the centre can then shoot the ball with their feet or head it

In this video, we'll show you how to cross the ball through the air

Before you cross the ball, it's important to know where exactly to aim it

Check that one of your teammates is in the penalty box

The penalty box is the large rectangle with a width of sixteen and a half metres

If it's almost empty, aim about three metres in front of your teammate so that they can runn towards the goal as they make contact with the ball

If the penalty box is full of players, aim for the penalty spot instead of a particular teammate

The penalty spot is a good marker because it's close enough to the goal to pose a threat. At the same time, it's far enough away to stop the goalkeeper catching the ball

You can centre the ball whilst moving or stationary

When you're stationary, the technique is the same as for a curling shot

Feel free to watch our video on how to do a curling shot

crossing the ball whilst moving is often necessary in order to put distance between yourself and your opponent

The main difficulty is crossing the ball in a different direction to the one that you're running in

To succeed in crossing the ball despite a sudden change of direction, keep your standing foot firmly on the ground

Your standing foot is the one that you don't kick the ball with

Hold your arms out to keep your balance

Now you know how to cross the ball!

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