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How to Defend in Soccer

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Learn some great tips on how to defend well in football

Good defenders are hard to come by, this video is for anyone wanting to brush up on the defensive play.

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In this video you will learn how to position yourself to defend in football.

All the players in the team who do not have possession of the ball have to defend.

Their goal is to stop their opponents from scoring a goal, to provoke them into making errors and to intercept the ball.

In most football matches, each player has a direct opponent, in other words they have a player they have to mark and defend against,when their team does not have possession of the ball.

Always position yourself between your opponent and the goal you are protecting.

Stay around two metres from them.

Move back when they move forwards through bending your legs and angling yourself at at a 45 degree angle to them

Keep your focus on the ball.

Be ready to intervene if your opponent leaves too large a distance between themselves and the ball in order to intercept ot clear it away

Note which is the preferred foot of your opponent.

Once you have identified it, angle yourself at 45 degrees on the side of their strong footin order to force them to dribble the ball with their weaker foot.

The situation will become much less dangerous for your team! You now know how yo defend properly in football!

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