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Soccer Skills: The Nutmeg

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In this video you will learn how to pass the ball between the legs of your opponent.

It's a tricky skill to pull off but get it right and you'll light up the whole match

Benjamin Tordjmann

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In this video, you'll learn how to make a between-the-leg pass, commonly known as a 'nutmeg'

Nutmegging is where you tap the ball through an opponent’s legs and recover it behind them

Most of the time, it's by tricking your opponent do that you succeed in getting them to part their legs so that you can pass the ball between them

There are several ways to nutmeg somebody.

In this video, we'll show you three different scenarios in which it's possible to execute this skill

The first scenario is when a defender is in front of you, ready on their toes, with their legs bent

The defender is poised like this because they are normally waiting for the attacking player to make a break to either side of them

Flick the ball between their legs and sprint 2 or 3 metres, putting space between you and them.

The second scenario: when your opponent tries to tackle you front-on

In this type of scenario, they will extend their leg to try and get the ball

Seize the opportunity to give the ball two small kicks, aiming the second between the legs of your opponent

Suddenly speed up for two or three metres to put distance between yourself and your opponent

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The third situation is when an opponent is beside you.

If you trick your opponent by letting them think that you're going to make a pass in front of you, they'll reach out a leg to try and intercept the ball.

This is when you'll slip the ball between his legs with the outside of your foot.

Again make a sudden break of about 2 or 3 metres, creating space between you and the opponent.

You now know how to pull off a nutmeg in 3 different match situations.

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