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Here are some great warm up exercises to try out before your football game

This video is for any person who plays football. Warm ups can be important in preventing injury

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In this video you are going to learn some technical exercises you can do before playing.

To get started you will need a football, 10 cones and at least 4 players.

The purpose of these exercises is to recall the movements practised in training so that your match gets off to the best start possible.

You will be practicing very specific technical skills.

In this video, we will show you 4 technical warm-ups which aim to improve ball control, precision when passing, dribbling and the quality of your pass when under pressure.

First exercise, juggling.

This exercise helps to improves ball control.

Juggle with different parts of your body without letting the ball touch the ground.

Aim to do most of the juggling with your feet.

Do this exercise for 5 minutes, and count the number of successful juggles.

You can watch our videos on ball juggling to help you.

Second exercise, the short pass.

This exercise works on the precision of your pass.

Pair up.

Stand 3 metres apart and exchange ground passes while moving along the width of the pitch.

Use side steps to move, and stay facing your partner.

Always aim for their feet.

Stay 3 metres apart as you move to one side.

Gradually move further apart as you come back, to work on longer passes and controlling the ball before making a pass.

Third exercise, the slalom.

The aim here is to practice your dribbling.

Place 10 cones in a straight line parallel to the touchline, placing the last cone on the penalty spot.

Place the cones 1 metre apart.

Dribble in and out of the cones quickly and finish by making a shot at the goal.

Do this 4 times.

Fourth exercise, the bull.

This improves your passing ability under pressure.

3 of the players should position themselves 5 steps away from each other to form a triangle, with the fourth player in the centre.

The 3 players must attempt to make 10 successful passes in a row.

If they succeed, they each get a point.

The player in the middle has to try and stop them by moving around inside the triangle and trying to intercept the ball.

As soon as the player in the centre touches the ball, he takes the place of the player who lost it.

This player now goes into the centre of the triangle.

Make a record of your own scores.

Do this exercise for 5 minutes.

If the exercise is too easy for the three players, limit yourselves to a maximum of 2 touches of the ball.

Now you know what technical exercises to do before playing.

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