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On-Court Warm Up with a Partner

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In this video you will learn how to warm up gradually with a partner before you start playing.

Make sure you check out the warm up and cool down videos as well.

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In this video you will learn how to warm up on the court before a match.

Make sure you have completed the warm up before

Start with mini tennis by standing inside the service box

Avoid standing and hitting the ball across without any movement of feet

Rally for 3 minutes with your partner, hitting backhands and forehands into the service box

Focus on timing the shot and hitting into the service box with some topspin

Move back to the baseline and rally for 5 to 7 minutes minutes

Hit the ball straight back to your opponent

Once you are wamed up, move up to the net to practice some volleys

Hit them nice and deep

Ask your opponent to feed you a few lobs and practice your smashes

Next, switch roles so that your opponent gets to practice some volleys

Feed him a few lobs in the middle of the court

Move on to practicing your serves from the deuce court

Start slowly with slow serves before you hammer in a few first serves

Serve a few balls from the ad court as well

Switch roles and return the serves of your opponent

You are now warmed up to start your match

Enjoy your game


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