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Volley Drill: Goalpost

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In this video you will learn a simple volley drill with two posts.

Do check out some of the other drills to improve your skills.

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In this video you'll learn a basic drill to improve your volley.

The objective is to focus on the forward movement and the restricted backswing

Place a marker on the centre service line and a couple of feet inside the service box

Next place two posts three feet away to the right and the left of the marker

The posts should form a 'V' shape with the marker

Stand behind the marker with the knees bent

The racket head should point upward and the elbows should be slightly bent and a little away from the body

Move forward diagonally and contact the ball in front of the post

Your coach will feed you balls to the forehand

Punch the ball forward and downward with a very limited backswing

Get back to the starting marker after every volley

Next get ready to hit backhand volleys

Remember to keep the racket head up and punch the ball downward

The racket should not touch the post

Practice this drill with your friend or your coach

The ball is in your court, enjoy your game


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