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Basic Groundstrokes Drill

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In this video you will learn a drill to improve your groundstrokes.

Check out the other drills in the program and improve your game.

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In this video you will learn some basic drills to improve your groundstrokes.

Drill 1

Stand behind the service line with your back facing the net

Turn sideways with your non racket leg in front

The buttcap should point downwards and towards the ball

Drop the ball in front of the line and swing the racket forward in a 'C' shape

Make sure the contact happens ahead of the line

Transfer your weight forward, brush the ball and follow through across to the other side

Your coach will now feed you balls in front of you

Make sure you contact the ball ahead of the line and your front foot

Your front foot should not cross the line

You will now be fed balls on your backhand

Contact the ball in front of the line

Drill 2

Your coach will hold a stick above your waist

Start with your racket above the stick

Swing it back and then forward, under the stick

When you hit a forehand stroke, think of it as a 'C' shape movement

Next, you will be fed balls by a friend

Hit forehands straight across

Focus on the backswing, the shot and the follow through

The contact should happen ahead of the stick

Switch to the backhand

Remember to swing back and forward in a 'C'

Drill 3

Stand outside the doubles sideline

Drop the ball in the doubles alley and hit a forehand shot across the net

The feet should not enter the alley

The objective of this drill is make sure that there is sufficient lateral distance between the ball and the body

Switch sides and repeat the same drill on the backhand

At contact, the ball should be in front and to the side

You can practice these drills with a friend or a coach

The ball's in your court, enjoy your game


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