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Wall Rally

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In this video you will learn how to practice against a wall.

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In this video you will learn how to practice tennis alone using a wall.

This is a great drill to work on your strokes when you don't have a partner

Throw the ball out in front of you

Hit it so that it bounces off the wall, just above the line of net

Rally with the wall in this way until you are able to make ten, controlled forehand shots

You shouldn't have to take more than one or two steps to the side

Switch to your backhand and and drive onto the wall until you are able to hit consistently

Next alternate between forheand and backhand and rally against the wall

Move up closer to the wall and practice your forehand volley

Switch to backhand volleys

Remember to bend your knees and keep your racket head up

Next alternate between forehand and backhand volleys

Move on to practicing your serves

Focus on timing the ball rather than hitting it hard into the wall

You could also practice your slice against the wall

The wall is one of your most versatile allies in perfecting your technique on nearly all of your shots

Use any sequence of the variations working on both you backhand and forehand until you have complete control

Over to you!


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