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How to Hit a Forehand Slice

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In this video you will learn how to hit a forehand slice.

Do check out the videos on the backhand slice and the dropshots.

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In this video, you will learn how to play a forehand slice.

It is an effective stroke where the ball stays low and changes the pace of the rally, making it difficult for the opponent to hit a winner

The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the follow through

Use the continental grip

When you see s short ball coming to the forehand, do a unit turn with the non racket leg in front and the non racket shoulder pointing to the net

Lift the racket back and with the non racket hand so that it is well above the shoulder

The hitting elbow should almost be shoulder high

Switch to the continental grip at the last moment to disguise your slice

Notice that the racket strings are still facing to the side after you've swtiched the grip

Avoid changing the grip and revealing a slice by facing the strings to the net

The shot

Swing the racket forward, from top to down, and cut down the back of the ball

If the ball is low, you will have to flex your knees more and hit under the ball

At contact, the arm should be extended and the ball should be in front and to the side

Remember, the forehand slice should be executed with a knifing action with your racket from a high to low direction

If you end up popping the ball too high, try aiming for the tape on the net or a little lower

The follow through

Maintain the side on stance and fInish with the racket extended in front of you and the other hand behind

Avoid opening the shoulder and taking the racket across

You could hit a low forehand slice as an approach shot and move up to the net to seal the point

Practice the forehand slice against the wall or with a partner

Enjoy your game


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