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Volley Drills

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In this video you will learn a few volley drills to improve your net game.

Discover the other drills in the program to hone up your skills.

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In this video you will learn a few drills to improve the game at the net.

Drill 1, oscillation volley

Both players stand at the net and volley to each other's forehand or backhand 30 times

Drill 2

Player 1 feeds a ball to player 2 who absorbs the ball, and volleys it back after one bounce of the racket

Player 1 does the same and sends the ball back to you

They could volley to the forehand or the backhand

Next both players absorb the ball on the backhand and hit a forehand volley, and vice versa

Drill 3

Player 1 feeds forehands and backhands to player 2 at the net who volleys it back inside the service box

They could switch roles after 20 volleys

Once they're comfortable they could add a little more power into the shots

The person at the net should absorb the power with the hand but nevertheless make sure that the weight is transferred forward

Drill 4

Place two cones, one inside the service box and the second close to the baseline

Player 1 feeds balls at the net to player 2 who alternates with short and deep volleys

The objective of this drill is to develop control and the ability to place the volleys

Enjoy your game!


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