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How to Serve

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In this videos you will learn how to serve.

Check out the videos on the 2nd serve, the service drill and the slice serve.

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In this video, you will learn how to serve

A game starts with the serve but it is the toughest stroke to master

The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the follow through

Step 1

The preparation

Stand in the ad court as it is a little easier when you begin

Use a continental grip

Hold the ball between the thumb and the index finger and the middle finger supporting it

Place it against the throat of the racket

Do not hold the ball in your palm

You want to avoid adding spin to the ball when you toss it

The stance

Stand calm and balanced with your tossing had in front and the racket next to the ball

The front foot should point diagonallly towards the net post and the back foot almost parallel to the baseline

The feet should be shoulder width apart with the weight equally distributed across them both

Bounce the ball a couple of times to clear your mind and focus on your serve

You could also get into the step up stance

Rock your weight onto the front foot

Raise your front foot toes and shift the weight on the back foot

Bend both knees and arch your back

Get the back leg close to the front with the weight evenly distributed, ready to explode into the serve

The toss

Hold the ball with your fingers and drop the tossing arm

Open your hand up and toss the ball as your arm reaches almost the top of your head

The toss should be around the 12 o'clock position and almost above the hitting shoulder, slightly in front of the body

The height of the toss should be one or two feetabove your contact point

Your arm should be fully extended at when you strike the ball

Step 2

The Shot

Bend both legs, extend the tossing arm and arch your back

The backswing

As you toss the ball, drop the racket to the side with the palm facing the net

Raise it straight up behind with the elbow pointing up to get into the 'L' position

When the knees are flexed, the non racket arm is extended and the racket arm forms an L, you are in the trophy position, ready to serve

Remember that you should be in the trophy pose when the ball is at its highest point

The drop

From the L position, drop the racket down as if you wanted to scratch your back

Unlike the trophy position, the shoulders now should be at the same level as your racket elbow rises

Let the tossing arm drop down naturally

Drive your hip forward as you push off and straigthen your knees

Remember that the drop of the racket behind the back and the straightening of the knees and rising on the toes should be simultaneous

Start by swinging up at the tennis ball with the edge of the frame

Rotate the upper body towards the net

Pronate the forearm so that the racket faces the net just before you strike the ball

Snap the wrist and hit the ball

The contact should happen in the upper half of the racket

You should brush the ball a little below the centre to add spin to it

Step 3

The follow through

Continue pronating through contact and into the follow through

As you losen up the racket arm comes across

Land into the court wiht the front leg

Kick the back leg behind and bend it to help you counterbalance

Practice serving with a basket of balls or with a friend

Enjoy your game


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