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How to Put an Overgrip

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In this video you will learn how to put or change your overgrip.

An overgrip protects your original grip and prevents the racket from slipping in your hand. Check out the videos on the tennis equipment.

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In this video you'll learn how to change the overgrip on your tennis racket.

Over time, grips will become worn and will need replacing

This can be easily done by yourself

The keys steps are, removing the old grip tape, winding the new one, applying the finishing tape

Step 1

Unpeel and remove the old overgrip tape you wish to replace

Step 2

Take your new overgrip and unroll it

Note that this normally include a strip of finishings tape which you can leave to one side

Unpeel the tab which protects the adhesive side of the tape

This edge, which is generally narrower, should be wrapped around the bottom of the racket handle

Press the tape at the butt cap onto one of the side bevels - here we'll start at bevel 8

Holding the tape taut, wrap it around the handle, working up diagonally towards the throat

Each new layer of tape should partly cover the previous one - but not too much

Secure the grip with the finishing tape

Now you know how to change your overgrip

Over to you!


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