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Rules: Tiebreaker

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In this video you will learn the rules about the scoring system for the tiebreaker in singles.

You can check out the videos on introduction to tennis and the basic rules.

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In this video you will learn about the tiebreak in singles.

The tiebreak is a specific match situation designed to determine the winner of a set which becomes tied at 6-6 games each

To learn more about the rest of the scoring system in a tennis match, check out the video on scoring

At 5-5 games each, the set cannot be won until a player has one by two clear games, meaning the set would have to be won at 7 games to 5

However, if the game becomes tied at 6 games each, we enter a tiebreak, a game of 7 points with a two point lead

Note that points in a tibreak are scored simply as "1, 2, 3"


During a tiebreaker, player 1 will serve once from the right side of the court, also known as the 'deuce' side

The serve then switches to player 2 who starts on the left "ad" side of the court and serves twice, once from each side

Player 1 then serves twice starting from the ad court

Both players swap ends every 6 points

The tiebreak ends when a player reaches 7 points with a two point lead

If it's 6 all, one player should win two points consecutively to seal the set

Player 2 starts serving in the next set as the tiebreak was started by player 1

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