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How to Hit a Backhand Volley

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In this video you video you will learn how to hit a backhand volley.

In order to discover training tips and learn about the rules of tennis, see the rest of the program.

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In this video, you will learn how to hit a backhand volley.

It is an attacking net shot that is struck before the ball bounces

The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the follow through


The Preparation

Use a continental grip

The racket frame should be perpendicular to the ground and the base of the 'V' formed with the thumb and the index along the first bevel

Hold the throat of the racket firmly with the non racket hand

Stand in the ready position two metres from the net, with legs shoulder width apart and knees bent

The racket handle should be waist-high and the head should point diagonally upward, forming an 'L' shape with the arm

Step 2

The Shot

Do a split step when your opponent contacts the ball

This will allow you to turn to the forehand or the backhand

The racket should be above the ball in the set up position

Swing your arm downward and forward as you strike the ball and step forward with your racket leg simultaneously

Keep the side of the frame up and push the ball forward with a firm and locked wrist

The contact should take place at the equator and the back of the ball

The underspin is generated by using the shoulder as a hinge, starting with the racket above the ball and contacting it below

The swing should be minimal and compact, as if you were blocking the ball

Step 3

The follow through

In a backhand volley you could extend the racket hand a little more than in the forehand volley

Lead with the bottom edge and step forward into the shot

It's important to put some bodyweight into the volley

Remember to extend the non racket hand behind to help you balance

Practice volleying against the wall or with a partner

Enjoy your game


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