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Volley Drill: Cone

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In this video you will learn a simple volley drill with a cone.

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In this video you'll learn a basic drill with a cone to work on your footwork and hand-eye coordination for your volleys.

Place two markers at 45 degrees, a couple of metres from the net

The coach will feed you balls to the forehand

In this case the player is left-handed

The objective is to move forward and catch the ball in the cone

The legs should be wide apart in the starting position

Bend your knees as you stretch your hands out in front

The cone should above your waist

Take the ball out and throw it back to the trainer

Next, you will get a few balls on the backhand side

Judge and catch the ball in the cone

If you have a smaller cone, you could make the drill harder

Your judgement will have to be perfect in order to catch the ball

You will now get balls to the left or to the right, high and low

This will help you develop reflexes

Practice this drill with your friend or your coach

The ball is in your court, enjoy your game


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