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Self Feeding

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In this video you will learn a simple self feeding drill.

Discover the other drills in the program to improve your skills.

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In this video you will learn how to drop feed, a simple drill to work on your footwork and technique when alone.

Self feeds are an excellent way to work on your groundstroke techniques

Throw the ball out in few steps in the front of you on both your forehand and backhand side

Start hitting the ball over the net as though you were trying to win the point

You can aim to hit the ball wide or down the line, the choice is yours

Think about getting your footwork right to make the shot

Once you've made ten great forehand shots, switch and start self-feeding to your backhand side

When you're comfortable self-feeding and are gaining consistency in your shots, try these variants

Throw the ball out higher so that you have to adjust your feet and body position to make your shot

Next let the ball bounce low so that you practice bending your knees and hitting in the closed stance

Do the same on your backhand side

Throw the ball high and hit it on the rise or move back to negotiate it

Next, drop the ball low, step forward and bend your knees as you hit the shot

Over to you!


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