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Cross Court Backhand Drill

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In this video you will learn a Cross Court Backhand Drill.

Discover some of the other drills for kids and beginners in the tennis program.

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In this video you will learn a drill to work on your backhand.

Stand in the middle inside the service line

Drop the ball and start rallying with your opponent

Hit cross-court backhands in the service box

Remember to bend your knees and add some topspin to your shot

After every shot come back to the centre

Count the number of shots you are able to hit until one of you makes an unforced error

Practice for 5 minutes and aim to beat your record

Move back to the baseline and repeat the drill

You can only hit cross court backhands

Remember, the ball should be ahead of the racket leg and the strings should be pointing towards the target

It's extremely important to have the strings angled at contact

You could check out the videos on the bakchand and the cross-court bakchand

Hit four cross-court backhands each

Remember to come back to the middle; After four shots, either player could go for a cross-court backhand winner

If you hit the ball late, you are likely to send it down the line or wide

If your opponent fails to touch the ball, you score two points

The player who reaches 5 points, wins the game

Over to you!


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