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How to Hit a Backhand Drop Shot

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In this video you will learn how to hit a backhand drop shot.

You can check out the videos on the forehand drop shot as well as the drop volleys.

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In this video, you will learn how to hit a backhand drop shot.

It is an effective single-handed stroke where the ball bounces close to the net and stays low, catching the opponent off-guard

The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the follow through

Step 1

The preparation

Switch from the continental grip towards the eastern forehand grip

When you see that the ball is coming to the backhand, do a unit turn with the racket leg in front and the racket shoulder pointing to the net

Lift the racket back with the non racket hand so that it is well above the shoulder

The hitting elbow should almost be shoulder high

The preparation for the drop shot is the same as the one or two handed backhand as it is important to disguise it

Switch to the continental grip at the last moment

Step 2

The shot

Swing the racket forward, from top to down, and chop under the ball

At contact, the arm should be extended and the ball should be in front and to the side

Relax the wrist and the forearm and absorb the pace of the ball

The leading edge of the racket should move a little upward after contact to add some backspin

Ideally the ball should bounce three times in the service box

Avoid chopping the ball aggressively to add an exaggerated backspin as it could be difficult to control the height and the depth

Step 3

The follow through

Maintain the side-on stance and fInish with the racket extended in front of you and the other hand behind

The drop shot is best executed when your opponent is far behind the baseline

Enjoy your game


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