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Mini Tennis

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In this video you will learn how to play mini tennis;

Discover the other drills for beginners in the tennis program.

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In this video you will learn some useful drills to improve racket control and footwork.

Drill 1

Both players should stand in the service box

Drop the ball and hit it in your partner's service box

He hits it back to you after one bounce

Neither player is allowed to volley the ball

Try and mix it up with drop shots and balls deep into the service box

Drill 2

Next you can add the volleys only after each player has touched the ball twice

Play a game to 7 points, whoever reaches 7 first, wins the game

Drill 3

Next switch to the bounce rally stand in the same position as before

This time the idea is to rally with your partner hitting the ball into the ground so it bounces first on your side of the court

Again, feel free to use only forehand or backhand, or switch up the two freely

Over to you!


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