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Backhand Stance: Open Vs Closed

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In this video you will learn about the stances for your backhand shots.

You could check out the stances for the forehand as well.

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In this video, you will learn about the two basic stances in tennis for the backhand.

You can hit backhands in the open or closed stance

Your choice will depend on the situation

Let's take a look at both the stances in detail

The Closed Stance

The closed stance has the feet and body turned sideways to the net

For a one handed backhand, do a unit turn with the racket leg in front and the racket shoulder pointing to the net

Transfer your weight as you step into the ball

When you have to run forward to reach to the ball or hit an approach shot, you should use the closed stance

Avoid stepping across too far as it will prevent you from twisting and completing your follow through

You could also hit a two handed backhand with a closed stance

Transfer your weight forward and lift your back leg and swing it to the side

When the ball is low or you want to hit an approach shot it is advisable to use a closed stance

The Open Stance Backhand

It is more often used by players who hit a two handed backhand

Lunge to the side on your outside leg with your chest open and parallel to the net

Coil your upper body sideways to the ball

However, your lower body should still be facing the net

This coil between the upper and lower body creates torque that can be used as additional energy for hitting the ball

With the outside leg loaded, uncoil your torso, and follow through across over the opposite shoulder

Straighten your outside knee and throw your body weight into the shot

You could also land on your inside and outside foot in quick succession

You can check out the video on forehand open and closed stances

There are variations of the closed and open stances

Find out what works best for you in different situations

Enjoy your game


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