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How to Kill Short Balls

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In this video you will learn how to kill short balls.

Do check out the videos on the approach shot and the forehand.

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In this video you will learn how to kill short balls on the forehand and adapt your footwork depending on the height of the ball.

The three different situations are when the ball bounces low, waist high and shoulder high

Use a semi-western forehand grip

Situation 1, low bounce

As soon as you spot a short ball, move forward

When the ball is low below your knees, get quickly to the ball and plant your non racket leg forward and get into the closed stance

As you strike the ball, transfer your weight forward onto the racket leg

Keep the momentum and move up to the net

Situation 2

When the ball bounces waist high, turn and get into the closed stance

Take off and land ahead on the non racket foot before heading to the net

Situation 3

If the ball bounces shoulder high, approach the ball and get into the open stance

Load the racket leg and whip the ball across the net and land on the non racket and racket leg in quick succession

The footwork is extremely important when you want to kill short balls

Enjoy your game


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