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How to Hit a Slice Serve

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In this video you will learn how to hit a slice serve

Check out the other videos on the different serves as well as the serve drill.

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In this video, you will learn the how to hit a slice serve.

Make sure you've checked out the video on how to serve and how to hit a second serve

The three key steps are the toss, the shot and the follow through

The toss

Do a regular toss to disguise your serve

The shot

Use the continental grip, the same as your first serve

Snap the racket upward and brush the outside of the ball to add some side spin

You could practice holding the ball in your non racket hand palm and brushing and grazing the ball on the outside, upward and sideward

If the ball were a clock, you would start the contact at 8 pm and end it at 2 pm

To hit a consistent slice serve, you need to add some topspin to the side spin, so that the ball curves over the net

For a right hander, the slicing action makes the ball move further away diagonally to the left

Ideally you want to place it close to service box side line or in the corner

Remember that the swing speed on the slice serve is similar to that on the first

The follow through

Swing your arm across to the other side and land inside the court on your non racket leg

Practice your slice serve with a basket of balls or with a friend

Enjoy your game


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