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How to Hit a Forehand Offensive Lob

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In this video you will learn how to hit a forehand offensive topspin lob.

Check out the video on the backhand lob and the forehand smash.

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In this video, you will learn how to hit a forehand lob.

It is hit high and deep into the opponent's court when he is at the net

The lob can be used as a defensive or an offensive stroke

The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the follow through

Use a semi-western or western grip for the forehand offensive lob

The racket should be angled slighlty downward

Do a split step and pivot on your racket leg

Transfer the weight on it and turn the shoulders sideways

When you turn with your shoulders, both hands should still be on the tennis racket

After the pivot and the shoulder turn, release the non racket hand and swing the racket arm back

The racket head should be pointing up

Extend your non racket arm parallel to the baseline to help you balance and judge the ball

Bend your knees and drop the racket below the ball, almost at the level of the ankle

The racket face should be closed as you approach the ball

Snap the wrist and flick the ball upward

Transfer your weight onto the backfoot and straigthen the knee as you strike the ball

The upper body should rise as well

At contact, the racket strings should be almost parallel to the net

Add spin to the ball and aim10 to 15 feet above the opponent

The ascending trajectory and the top spin should land the ball deep

The follow through

Continue the racket through the hitting zone with a high follow through

Extend the racket upward after contact and swing it across above your non racket shoulder

Practice the forehand lob with a partner at the net

Enjoy your game


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