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Volley Drill: River

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In this video you will learn a basic drill to improve your volleys.

Discover the other drills to hone up your skills.

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In this video you'll learn a basic drill to work on your volley.

The objective is to continue moving forward after contact

Place a marker on the centre service line and a couple of feet inside the service box

Next place three markers in a line, three feet away from the starting marker

Make another line with three more markers two feet away, parallel to the first one

Stand in the ready position close to the starting marker

Move forward into the river and strike the ball in front of the body

Flex your knees and push forward towards the net

After contact, it's important to maintain the forward momentum and cross the river

Your coach will feed you balls to your forehand and backhand

Get back to the starting marker after each volley

Practice this drill with your friend or your coach

The ball is in your court, enjoy your game


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