How to Play Tennis - SikanaHow to Play Tennis - SikanaHow to Play Tennis - Sikana
How to Play Tennis - SikanaHow to Play Tennis - SikanaHow to Play Tennis - Sikana
What you are going to learn
Jeremy Brouche - Sikana Expert

Jeremy Brouche

Jeremy has been playing tennis since the age of 4 and his best ranking was 6.5 (USA), 1.4 (GB), and -2/6 (among the top 300 players in France). He is extremely passionate about tennis and dedicates his time to coach youngsters. A physiotherapist by profession, his focus has been to train them physically and also prepare them mentally to handle high pressure situations. He wants to share his knowledge about tennis with the youngsters to help them discover the joy of playing this wonderful sport. He firmly believes that a good coach and accurate tips through educational videos can go a long way to train efficiently.

Clément Mallet - Sikana Expert

Clément Mallet

Clément has been playing tennis since the age of 7. His parents were professional handball players in France, but he developed a special affinity for tennis from a very young age. Tennis has helped him grow as a person and he is still learning through this fascinating sport. It allowed him to meet interesting and passionate people, play at several clubs such as the Roland Garros, the Grand Stade de Lille, Monte Carlo and Moselle. He made a lot of close friends and learnt a lot about life and himself. This is what motivates him to help others discover the joy of playing tennis.


In this educational video program, you will learn how to play tennis. The aim is to make tennis accessible to all individuals who are eager to learn, and inspire them to enjoy the game, develop great stamina, reflexes, flexibility and general fitness. The step-by-step breakdown of the shots and the drills will serve as a solid theoretical foundation.

The exercises in this video program are designed for beginners and players who want to learn the basics and hone their existing skills.

It has been split into the following categories the rules and scoring, the grips, forehand, backhand, serve techniques and training drills. Remember to warm up before and warm down after playing.

Tennis is a great physical activity that improves your fitness, strength and coordination. Playing it regularly sharpens your reflexes and improves agility. It can help prevent various health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. It can be played indoor and outdoor, even in your late nineties. Playing tennis is a fantastic way to make new friends and lead a happy and healthy life. The ball is in your court, enjoy your game!

Program details

Viewing time: 136 min

Number of video(s): 59

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