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Down the Line Drill

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In this video you will learn a Down the Line Drill

Do check some of the other drills to improve your groundstrokes.

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In this video you will learn a few drills to work on your down the line forehand and backhand.

Stand inside the service box

Hit bakchands and forehands down the line with your partner

Switch sides and the stroke by moving to the other service box

Move back to the baseline and start hitting backhands and forehands down the line in one half of the singles court

Try and hit 20 to 30 shots each

You can check out the videos on how to hit a forehand and backhand down the line

The ball should be just a little ahead of the non racket leg and the strings should be pointing towards the target

It's extremely important to flatten out at contact

Next, move to the other half of the singles court

Hit down the line backhands while the opponent hits forehands

Once you are able to have a rally of 50 shots, try restricting your hitting area to the doubles alleys

These drills will help you develop great control over your down the line strokes

Enjoy your game!


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