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The Triple Threat Position

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Learn the versatile triple threat position, which gives you the option of shooting, passing or dribbling in a game situation.

What's your next move from the triple threat position? Find tutorials on shooting, passing and dribbling in the rest of the programme!

This position will open up more options to you in a game situation and should become second nature to a basketball player.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video you'll learn about the "triple threat" position. It is the stance you can use as soon as you get the ball if you haven't yet decided what you're going to do, as it allows to choose between three actions: shoot, dribble or pass.

To use the triple threat position, keep three points in mind: adopting the right body stance, protecting the ball and faking the defender.

First, adopting the right body stance

With the ball, adopt the basic stance. To do this, check out our video "The Basic Stance".

Step forward slightly with the foot on the same side as your dominant hand. Your back foot will be your pivot foot.

Secondly, protecting the ball.

Hold the ball just in front of your hip.

Place your outer hand on the ball, and the inner hand on its side. Keep a firm grip on the ball to prevent your opponent from taking the ball.

Switch sides with the ball by passing it beneath your knees. This movement can stop your opponent's attempt to steal the ball.

Thirdly, faking the defender

In the triple threat position, there are three types of fake which, if performed correctly, can lead the defender to make a mistake.

To push the defender back, fake a dribble start. Then quickly move your leg towards the basket and draw the ball in close to your knee.

To make your opponent move forward, fake a throw. Bend your knees and quickly bring the ball in line with your body, in front of your face, in a shooting position.

Finally, to make your opponent move sideways, fake a pass. Step your leg toward one of your teammates and extend your arms quickly.

During a game, adapt your choices to the situation and the reactions of your opponent. For instance if they're close to you start dribbling to avoid them. If they leave you some space while you're in a position to shoot, take the shot.

Be careful, make sure you're always facing the basket. A common mistake for beginners is to turn your back on the opponent and hold the ball against your stomach, which gives you no options.

Practice linking a fake with another action without an opponent to get used to the movements. Over to you!


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