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The Dribble Pass

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In this video, you will learn how to make a dribble pass, a useful skill in basketball games.

Once you've mastered this technique, you're ready to take a look at some of the other passing videos in our basketball series.

Watch the tutorial to learn all about the fast-paced dribble pass and how you can master the technique.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will learn to make a dribble pass. It is most used when the opponent is close to you, or when you don't have time to stop the ball before you make a pass.

To make a good dribble pass, you will need to work on these two points: Positioning yourself from a dribble and Throwing the ball

First up, positioning yourself from a dribble and throwing the ball

From your basic stance, start dribbling with your dominant hand.

Follow the ball with your strong hand as it bounces and extend your arm towards your target.

At the same time, take a step forward for maximum stability and force.

Secondly, Throwing the ball

Push the ball with your fingers and the upper part of the palm using the momentum from the dribble.

Don't use your other hand, and don't stop moving, as it would slow down your pass.

To finish the movement, flick your wrist to throw the ball, your fingers should be pointing at your target at the end of the pass.

Your pass can be made directly or with a bounce.

You will have to be able to dribble with both hands, so practice dribble passes with your dominant hand, then with your weaker hand. Over to you!


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