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Basketball Violations

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In this video, you will learn the five different types of violation to avoid in a basketball game.

Take a look at the next video to find out about traveling and how you can avoid it in your game.

Violations lead to the ball being turned over to the other team. Learn about the Out of Bounds; the Double Dribble; Ball Carrying; the Over and Back; and Kicking so that you can avoid committing these violations when you play.

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In this video, you will learn the different violations in basketball. Violations are infringements of the rules that are penalised with a turnover.

During a game, the referee can call different types of violation.

The first type of violation is when the ball goes out of bounds.

When the ball carrier steps outside of the court, or even on the line, the referee calls an "out of bounds".

As long as the ball has not touched the ground outside the court, a player can recover it by jumping, as long as they start from within the court.

The second type of violation is the double dribble.

When the ball carrier stops dribbling, then starts again, a double dribble is called.

To avoid this, once they have stopped dribbling, the ball carrier must pass the ball or try to shoot.

The third type of violation is carrying the ball.

It happens when a player puts their hand beneath the ball while dribbling, and will lead to the referee calling a "ball carrying".

To avoid ball carrying, the players must control the ball touching only the sides and the upper part.

The fourth type of violation is the over and back.

In offense, a team in possession of the ball in their opponent's half court cannot retreat back into their own half, otherwise an "over and back" is called.

The ball is considered over as soon as it crosses the center line.

The fifth type of violation is kicking.

In basketball, deliberately kicking the ball is not allowed.

If the ball bounces off a foot by accident, on the other hand, the referee will let play continue.

Now you know the main violations in basketball, except for the travel and time violations. To learn how to avoid these, check out our videos "baskeball violations: Traveling" and "basketball violations: time violations".

The penalty for violations is a turnover from the sideline, in line with the spot where the violation was committed. Over to you!


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