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Choosing Basketball Equipment

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In this video, you will learn about all the basketball kit and equipment you'll need to get started!

This video is part of our series on basketball, with over 70 videos introducing you to all aspects of the game! Keep watching to find about the different types of violations that can be committed in a basketball game.

Using the right equipment is imperative to play your best and avoid injury. Find out how to pick the right kit, shoes and ball for your needs with this short video tutorial.

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Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will learn to choose the right equipment to play basketball. To be well equipped is an essential step for the safety and comfort of basketball players.

The most necessary items to play basketball are: the clothing, shoes and ball.

Firstly, the clothing

In basketball, players wears shorts and a sleeveless shirt that facilitates the movement of your arms.

The color of the vests helps your to tell the teams apart.

Be careful not to wear any jewelry, which could hurt you or injure your opponents.

Secondly, the shoes.

In basketball, there are high top shoes, and low top shoes.

High tops offer good support to avoid sprains, a common injury among basketball players.

Low tops give you more freedom of movement and are often lighter.

The shoes should be well cushioned to preserve the joints and the back, and they should also feel sturdy.

Thirdly, the ball.

Generally made of rubber for outdoor play or leather for indoor play, the basket ball comes in different sizes.

Size 5 balls are used by children up to the age of about 11.

Size 6 balls are a bit bigger, and are used in women's basketball as well as for players under 13 years old.

Size 7 balls, slightly bigger again, are the standard in men's basketball for players over 14.

The basic equipment to practice basketball is simple and quite cheap, which means it's easy to get started. Choose the right ball, get your shoes on, and it's over to you!


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