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Zone Defense

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In this video, you will learn the basic principal of zone defense, an alternative defensive strategy to man-to-man defense.

Make sure you've watched our video on man-to-man defense too!

Watch this short tutorial to learn the principle of zone defence, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

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Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will learn about zone defence, which can be used as an alternative to man-to-man defence.

To understand how to use zone defence, we will look at these three points; The principle of zone defence, the advantages of zone defence and its disadvantages.

First, the principle of zone defence.

In a zone defence, each player is responsible for defending a certain area of the court.

The defenders move according to the position of the ball. As soon as a pass is made, a defender goes to mark the ball carrier and the others get back into position.

Individually, each player applies the defensive principles explained in the videos "Defending against the ball handler", "Defending against a player without the ball" and "Defending the low post"

There are several types of zone based on the original position of the players.

For instance, in a 3-2 zone defence, you will find a line of three players along the three point line, and a line of two players at the back of the key.

Secondly, the advantages of zone defence.

According to the defensive strategy, zone defence can be used to protect the key, with a high density of defenders along it.

This type of defence makes it complicated to dribble towards the basket, and it can be useful among shorter players as well as making it easier to catch rebounds.

Zone defence also enables your team to push forward quickly if you retrieve the ball, thanks to the players defending along the three point line.

The weaker defence players are also less vulnerable than in man to man defence.

Thirdly, the disadvantages of zone defence.

There are still some disadvantages to zone defence, as it leaves open space for strikers. If you're up against a team of sharp shooters, you may well concede a lot of points from long shots.

It is also very open to defensive rebounds and can be tested when faced with an opponent who is particularly strong at breaking through the defense.

This defence can also reveal weaknesses when facing a patient team with a good passing game.

Zone defence requires good communication and excellent synchronisation between the players, but when used well, it can be a very solid defence. Over to you!


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