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Basketball Positions and Roles

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In this video, you will learn about the five different basketball positions and each player's role within the team.

Now that you understand the rules, scoring system and positions, you're ready to start playing! Keep watching to discover the kit and equipment you'll need to play basketball.

While basketball players are expected to be versatile and adapt to the game situation, they each have their own zone and responsibilities. In this video we will outline the role of the Point guard, Shooting guard, Small Forward, Power forward and Center.

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In this video, you will learn about the different positions in basketball. According to their body shape and strengths, each player is given a specific role in the offensive and defensive organization of the team.

Basketball is a team sport in which there are 5 positions. They can be divided into two categories: the outside positions and the inside positions.

Firstly, the outside positions.

First of all, there is the point guard. Their aim is to get the ball into the other team's half and run the offense.

Next, there is the shooting guard. The role of this player is to shoot from long distances, but also to get into the other half sometimes and play within the key.

Finally, there is the small forward. This is a versatile player, a bit taller than the shooting guard and the point guard, who has to be able to take long shots as well as to break into the key.

The small forward can also position themselves close to the basket, and with their back to it, to receive the ball.

Outside players stay behind the three-point line during the offense. This way they can shoot, dribble towards the basket or deliver a pass to players inside the three-point line.

Secondly, the inside positions.

We will start with the Power Forward. Their role is to shoot near to the basket or from the end of the free throw lane, but they're still able to play further from the basket with long shots and dribbling while on offense.

The last position is the Center, the tallest player on the team. Often standing with their back to the basket, their role is to play within the key, in offense and in defense. They also have to be there for the rebound, retrieving the ball from beneath the basket after a missed shot.

Inside players play close to the basket, either in the high or the low post. They use their size to defend their key and catch the rebounds.

Depending on your skills and build, find the position in which you are the most comfortable. However, many players are versatile and aren't limited to one position. Over to you!


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