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Attacking the Low Post

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In this video, you will learn to attack the low post effectively when playing offense in a basketball game.

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Attacking the post is slightly different from other skills as it is often started with your back to the basket. Watch this short tutorial to find out more!

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Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will learn how to attack the low post. Attacking the low post offers many possibilities in offence and can easily draw fouls from the oponent.

To attack the low post, follow these three steps: getting into position, asking and receiving the ball, and finishing the play

First, getting into position.

Position yourself with your back to the basket, in front of the defender marking you, next to the key so as not to violate the "3 seconds" rule.

Knees bent, use your whole body to block your oponent from behind or off to one side. This position reduces the risk of an interception.

Second, call for and receiving the ball.

Once you are in position, call for the ball from a teammate. Do this by holding out your hands, this will help them know exactly how and where you want to receive the ball.

You can hold out your hands just in front of your chest to receive either a direct or a bounce pass

Once you get the pass you want, advance towards the ball to avoid any chance of an interception.

You could also, if the defender is on your left side, ask for a lobbed pass to your right by raising your right hand.

Receive the ball into the hand you asked for it with and take hold of it immediately and firmly with the other hand to protect it.

Third, finishing the play.

You have several options. If you think you can best your opponent, you can try to shoot, with a hook shot for example.

You can also pass the ball out to a teammate who isn't marked around the three point line, if several defenders are charging at you.

If one of your teammates isn't marked near the baseline, you can pass the ball to them so that they can score just below the basket.

To get comfortable at attacking the low post, practice against an oponent on a half court with someone to pass you the ball from beyond the three point line . Over to you!


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