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Group Drill: Get Past your Opponent

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In this video, you will learn an exercise to practice your one-on-one game in both offence and defence.

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Watch this tutorial to discover a short game you can play with friends that will help you work on both your offensive and defensive skills.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will learn an exercise to practice your one-on-one game in both offence and defence.

The aim of the offence player is to score and stay as close as possible to the line between the two baskets. The aim of the defence player is to drive their opponent towards the sideline.

Stand on the free throw line, facing the basket. Place a cone a metre to your left, and then another two metres further away.

Do the same on the other side.

The attacking player stands in line with the baskets and behind the three point line, with a defender facing them.

The offence player has to dribble through one of the 3 "gates" in front of them in order to score close to the basket

If they score having gone through the middle gate, they earn 2 points.

If they score having gone through one of the side gates, they earn 1 point.

If they can't get through a gate or miss the basket, they don't score.

Switch roles after each attack.

To succeed in this exercise, the offence player has to make a good dribble drive and unsettle the defender with fakes and crossovers.

The defender has to divert their opponent using their stance to stop them from dribbling down the center of the court.

The first player to earn 10 points wins.

To make this exercise harder, you can make the middle gate smaller.

You can also set a maximum of 5 dribbles for the offence player.

During games, the center of the court is the most dangerous area as it offers more options in offence. It is therefore essential for the defence to drive the opposition off course. Over to you!


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