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Individual Drills: Pivot

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In this video you will learn several exercises to help you pivot. This skill is often misused by beginners.

Keep watching for more exercises to help you improve your basketball skills!

Watch this short tutorial to learn two different exercises to practice pivoting while standing still and after receiving the ball.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video you will learn several exercises to help you pivot. Pivoting is a fundamental skill in basketball and is often misused by beginners.

The exercises are divided into two parts: pivoting while standing still, and pivoting after receiving the ball.

First, pivoting while standing still.

Assume the "triple threat" position, with the ball in your hands

Pivot forward 90 degrees using your left foot as a pivot, maintaining a shooting position.

Return to the basic stance rotating backwards with a reverse pivot, still using your left foot to pivot.

Perform the same exercise, pivoting on your right foot.

Repeat the exercise, this time pivoting 180 degrees

During the exercise, always assume a shooting stance at the end of the turn. In a game, this will allow you to shoot quickly.

Make sure you're always well-balanced on your feet. During games, this will mean you can start dribbling or make a good pass.

Secondly, pivoting after receiving the ball.

Stand with your back to the basket, inside the three point line.

Pass the ball to yourself beyond the three point line, and turn back to face the basket as you catch the ball.

To pivot inwards, use the foot closest to the basket as a pivot.

Alternatively, to pivot outwards, use the foot furthest from the basket to pivot.

You should finish the movement in a well-balanced triple threat position, with both feet turned towards the basket.

Practice these exercises slowly at first, to get used to the movement, then try doing it faster as you would in a game situation. Over to you!


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