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French Basketball Federation - Sikana Expert

French Basketball Federation

The French Basketball Federation is an organisation that exists to organise, manage and develop basketball as a sport in France, to train managers, leaders and coaches and to promote access to sports and physical activity for everyone.
Founded in 1932, the FBF has more than 650,000 members to date, and more than 4700 clubs.
They've offered their technical expertise to create videos aimed at anyone wanting to try basketball for the first time or to develop their skills.


In this program, you will discover over 60 videos showing you how to start off on the right foot when it comes to learning and perfecting your basketball skills. Along the course of these videos, you will discover loads of hints and tips to help you improve your technique and your understanding of basketball, not to mention a whole load of games and drills to help you train.

The whole program, created for beginners and for players looking to improve, has been created wtih the help of the French Basketball Federation.

In the introduction to the program, discover the rules of basketball- whatever your level, it's essential that you know how to play by the rulebook!
Next, you will learn the basic elements which form the foundations of your basketball technique: dribbling, passing, shooting, defending...
Basket is a team sport, so we will also show you some tactics and drills to practice together on the court.
To train effectively, you should learn the individual drills, then the group drills to practice playing as a team and, of course, to have fun!
Basketball is an all-in-one sport: you'll develop strength, speed, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, dexterity and concentration... but above all, basketball is a fun sport which is accessible to all. So, what are you waiting for? Over to you!

Program details

Viewing time: 138 min

Number of video(s): 67

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