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The Lay-Up: Power Lay-Ups, Reverse Lay-Ups and One-Step Lay-Ups

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In this video, you will learn three variations of the basic lay up to use depending on your game situation.

To perfect the basic lay up technique, check out our video, The Lay Up, another great tutorial in our basketball series

Watch this tutorial to learn how to shoot a power lay up, a reverse lay up and a one step lay up to vary your game.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will learn different types of lay-up. It's very useful to master several types of lay-up as this will help you react to a range of different defense situations.

Three types of lay-up are used frequently in games: the power lay-up, the reverse lay-up and the one-step lay-up.

Firstly, the power lay-up.

After your last dribble, land with both feet parallel, facing the baseline.

You can do this one foot after the other, starting with the foot furthest from the basket, or both feet at the same time.

Jump sideways towards the basket, keeping your shoulders facing the baseline, raising the ball above your head with both hands.

Finish with a shot using the backboard. Shoot with a push-up motion, using the hand furthest from the basket.

This shot is often used in counter-attacks to block an opponent behind you during the shot.

Secondly the reverse lay-up.

Make your last dribble a little later than usual to get your first foot into the key.

Next, land with your second foot just below the hoop, turning to face the opposite basket, so that you have your back to the baseline.

Shoot from the other side of the basket with your outer hand. For example, if you're shooting to the right, use your right hand.

This shot is really useful for faking your opponent and using your body to protect the ball.

Thirdly, the one-step lay-up.

After dribbling, push directly from one foot.

Take a push-up shot, meaning that your hand is supporting the ball from underneath, giving it a bell-shaped trajectory.

To shoot to the left, push off with your left foot and shoot with your right hand.

This shot is used a lot by shorter players to avoid crossing inside players on the other team.

To master your technique, practice these lay-ups, first without, then with an opponent. Over to you!


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