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The Jump Shot

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In this video, you will learn to master the jump shot technique to improve your shooting skills.

For more shooting tutorials and inspiration take a look at the other great videos in this series of basketball videos.

This technique will allow you to take a shot even when surrounded by defenders. Watch our tutorial to find out how!

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will learn how to make a jump shot. This type of shot means you will be less impeded by your opponent.

To make a good jump shot, work on these two steps: Being well balanced and Coordinating your jump and shot.

First, Being finding your balance.

Before receiving the ball, you should already be ready to shoot with your knees bent.

Position your hands, one towards the ball to receive it, and the other to the side, ready for you to shoot.

Keep your feet shoulder width apart and turn them towards the basket, with the foot on the same side as your shooting hand slightly further back.

When you receive the ball, stay focused on your target, and fix your eyes on the basket.

At the same time, bring the back foot in line with the other foot.

Secondly, coordinating your jump and throw.

Jump, extending your ankles, hips and knees.

The strength you need to shoot comes from the lextension of the legs rather than from your arms.

Take your shot in mid-air using the same action as for shooting on the ground. You can find out more about this in our video: "How to shoot".

Finish the movement, releasing the ball at the highest point of your jump.

Your jump should be light, smoothand vertical, and you should land in the same spot.

Keep your eyes fixed on the basket throughout until you release the ball.

To aim accurately, do not lift the ball behind your head.

Lift the ball in line with your body, finishing just above the level of your head.

The trajectory should be curved, ideally with a starting angle of 50 to 60 degrees, to maximize your chances of scoring.

The further you are from the basket , the higher the ball will have to go.

If you are standing to one side of the basket and close to the key, aim for the corner of the small shooter's square on the backboard to score more easily.

Otherwise, shoot at the back of the hoop which you should be able to see through the net.

To be comfortable with jump shots, you will need to practice over and over. To get better, it may help to film yourself in order to spot your flaws and work on them. Over to you!


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