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Individual Drill: Attacking the Basket

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In this video, you will learn an exercise to practice attacking the basket while dribbling and improve your offensive play.

Keep watching this basketball series for more great learning resources to help you develop strong key basketball skills.

Watch this tutorial to practice orientating your feet, starting the dribble and shooting. These three elements will help you improve your skills when attacking the basket and render you a dangerous adversary!

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will learn about an exercise to practice attacking the basket while dribbling.

In this exercise, concentrate on these three points: Orientating your feet, starting the dribble, and shooting.

First, orientating your feet.

Before starting, place cones over the three point line on either side of the extension of the free throw line. These cones will represent the defenders.

Pass the ball to yourself to catch the ball behind a cone.

Once you catch the ball pivot quickly on the foot closest to the basket

You can also pivot on the foot which is the furthest from the basket

Second, beginning the dribble.

Perform a direct drive to attack the basket, going around the cone.

You can also make a crossed drive, taking off with the foot opposite to the one you are dribbling with

Do it as soon as you've orientated your feet

Third, taking a shot

With a maximum of two dribbles, shoot with a lay-up

After a dribble, you can also stop around the key to shoot

Practice from both sides of the basket, with both cones. Keep your knees bent, and hold the ball low

Practice varying your pivots, drives and shots. During games, these are the weapons that can help you win games! Over to you!


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