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Different Dribbling Techniques

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In this video, you will learn several different dribbling techniques as well as when to use them in a game.

To learn more about the basics of dribbling, take a look at some of the previous videos in this series, taking you through everything you need to know to master your technique!

Watch this tutorial to learn about the speed dribble, the low dribble and the change of pace dribble.

Adam Simmons - "Long Rhode Home", "Piano Hop", "Tang-A-Lang"
Published by Alter K
Voiced by Xavier Gianni

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In this video, you will discover different types of dribble. During games, you will have to adapt your dribble to your situation in order to move the ball along the court, protect it, or attack the basket.

You can use these three types of dribble: The speed dribble, The low dribble, and The change of pace dribble.

First, The speed dribble.

Push the ball far ahead of you by extending your arm toward the floor.

Dribble alternating between your left and right hands as you run after the ball.

You can use this dribble to move quickly but you shouldn't use it when facing an opponent as it leaves the ball unprotected which makes it easy to intercept.

Secondly, The protection dribble.

If you're dribbling with the right hand, extend the left leg and arm forwards to keep the defender away.

Dribble keeping the ball between your legs while moving backwards to protect the ball.

This dribble allows you to see what's going on by easing the pressure from a defender.

Thirdly, the change of pace dribble.

When you come up against a defender, lower your dribble to knee-level and take short, quick, jab steps

Draw in your defender, choose a direction then accelerate.

When you sprint, push the ball forward and drop your shoulder on your opponent's side to protect the ball.

You can use this dribble to surprise your opponent and attack the basket.

Practice these dribbles on your own so that you're comfortable with them during games. Over to you!


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