Learn Installing a Countertop Sink

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In this video, you'll learn how to install a countertop sink

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Installing a basin for the first time? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will take you through everything you need to know to install a countertop sink in your bathroom.


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In this video,you will learn to install a countertop basin.

A countertop basin will bring a modern touch to your bathroom

To install the basin, you will need: one board for an over-counter basin, also known as a bathroom support plate, two metal brackets, a basin without overflow, a tap and braided steel hoses, a basin plug, a drain, screws, wall anchors, a wall anchor setting tool, a drill/driver, a hole saw and a spirit level.

We will explain how to do this in 4 steps.

Measure the support plate to locate the centre .

Place the basin in the centre of the support plate and mark the spot to drill for the basin plug .

In the middle, 5 centimeters from the edge, outline the position of the mixer tap,

Place the hole saw connector onto the drill. Make sure to choose a connector that fits the size of the hole you want to drill.

Drill holes for the plughole and the mixer tap.

Measure the required height to fix the support plate.

Using a level, place a shelf bracket as a mock-up against the wall.

Marks the spots to drill on the wall.


Using the wall anchor setting tool, fix the wall anchors.

Screw the metal bracket into the wall and check that the height is correct with a level.

Repeat the process for the other side.

Place the support plate on the metal brackets.

With the tip of a screw, mark the spots for the four fixing holes which will bind the metal brackets and the support plate.

On the workbench, pre-drill the support plate.

Place the support plate and screw it on the metal brackets.

Connect the braided hoses to the mixer tap.

Do the same thing for the steel pipes.

Below the support plate, add the seal and clamping ring.

Finally, connect the steel pipes to the water inlets. Usually, hot water comes from the left tap, and cold water comes from the right.

Place the basin on the support plate.

Insert the male end of the basin plug from above.

Below the support plate, fix the joint and the female end of the basin plug. Screw it in by hand.

Connect the drain.

Using a PVC pipe, connect the drain to the water outlet .

You now know how to install a countertop basin.

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