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How to Install a Window in a Partition Wall

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Watch this video to learn how to cut an opening in a partition wall. You can then install a window

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Making home improvements for the first time? Help is at hand! This specially designed video will take you step by step through the process of making an opening in a partition wall.


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In this video we are going to learn how to make an opening in a partition wall

Here, we will make an opening in a wall made from plasterboard, so that it can be fitted with a window

See the video: "How to Build an Interior Window in a Partition Wall"

This job is fairly simple, but will require preparation as well as precision

depending on the size of the opening you wish to create, it is advisable to ask someone to help you with this project

as well as your toolbox, you will need, a hand saw, an angle grinder, a mason's straightedge, a hole saw as well as metal stud rails for plasterboard

Begin by protecting your floor, furniture and other belongings on either side of the wall. Then decide on the dimensions for your future opening

Before beginning, it is strongly advised that you test your wall with a metal detector, then make a test cut into your wall using a hole saw. pierce your wall with the hole saw to see its components

Here, the plasterboard wall has a metal frame which you can use as a marker to help you when cutting

Trace a line using your straightedge which follows the metal framework within your wall making sure that it is straight. Use a spirit level to help you

Then trace a line perpendicular to this one at the height you have previously decided upon. Then, trace the outline of your opening, making sure that all edges are straight and level.

Measure your diagonals to ensure that your angles are straight. Your diagonal lines should be exactly the same length

You will be able to saw your plasterboard using a handsaw

To help your first cut, pierce each corner of the opening with your hole saw

When all four edges are sawed, remove the plasterboard and remove the insulation within

You can now screw in a metal stud rail inside the partition wall which will reinforce your opening

Measure the width of your opening and cut the metal rail 10cm longer than this length on either end

The metal rail can be easily cut using a pincer or a strong pair of pliers

Insert your metal rail into the partition wall and screw it in using plasterboard screws placed every 20cm

Use an angle grinder to saw the metal rails found within the partition, which you will need to remove

Attention: Always use protective glasses and gloves

See the video: Use an angle grinder

Saw right to the level of your opening. Be careful of flying sparks

You will now be able to remove the other side of your partition wall

Make holes in all four corners using the hole saw, then saw the corners

transfer your measurements to trace the outline of the opening, then saw

Be careful - asking someone to help you when removing the plasterboard

Your opening is now finished, but it must be reinforced with metal stud rails on the top and bottom of the frame

Cut the metal rails down to the right length and install them inside the opening

screw them in securely

Your opening is now completely finished, and you can set about installing your interior window.


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