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How to Prepare a Wall for Paint or Wallpaper

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Learn how to prepare your wall with an undercoat to prepare it for a layer of paint or some wallpaper

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New to decorating walls? Help is at hand! This specially designed video will take you step-by-step through the process of preparing your walls for painting or wall papering, showing you everything you need to know to achieve a perfect finish.


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This video will show you how to prepare a wall before painting or putting up wallpaper by applying an undercoat.

Applying an undercoat is an essential step before painting or putting up wallpaper on a plasterboard wall like this. The undercoat strengthens the grip and the hold of the finishing paint.

you will need the following tools

A paint roller, a round brush, a bucket, a grid, protective canvas sheets, masking tape to secure the covers, a stepladder, a drill/driver and a mixing tip

In terms of materials, you'll need: a pot of undercoat adapted to the surface.

Before anything else, we recommend that you empty out the room or move all of the furniture into the middle of the room

First, prepare the wall by vacuuming it to remove dust. Pay particular attention to the corners.

Position the protective canvas sheets on the floor then tape them to the wall with the masking tape. Use small pieces of tape to make sure you tape a straight line.

Mix the paint using the mixing tip to make the paint even.

Transfer it into your paint bucket.

You can now begin painting.

Start by painting the edges of the ceiling using the brush.

Dip the brush into the paint, wipe it on the grid, and paint using a regular back and forth movement.

Carry on from the edges, top to bottom and finish with the skirting board

In order to prepare the roller and remove any fibres, pass a strip of adhesive tape

Dip the paint roller in paint and roll it over the grid to remove the excess

Press the roller firmly against the wall when applying the paint

Apply paint in vertical stripes and then cross them with horizontal stripes

Paint in a continuous and regular manner

The preparation is now complete. Leave the undercoat to dry overnight before painting or putting up wallpaper


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