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How to Lay Sisal Carpet

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Practical and inexpensive - seagrass carpet may be the perfect solution to covering your floors.

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Laying a sisal carpet for the first time? Help is at hand! Find out everything you need to know about installing seagrass carpet (also known as jute carpet) with this video tutorial.


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In this video you'll learn how to lay seagrass carpet - sometimes referred to as jute or sisal carpeting

Seagrass carpet is an aesthetic alternative to the classic carpet, which hides any irregularity on the floor

To do this you'll need: seagrass carpet, a vacuum, a broom, a mop, a screwdriver, double-sided adhesive tape, a boxcutter, and a carpet smoothing tool

Laying seagrass carpet is done in 4 step which will be detailed

Step 1 Prepare the installation

Thoroughly vacuum the floor to remove any dust

Finish dusting with a damp mop

Leave to dry.

Unscrew the threshold strip..

Unhinge the door and remove it.

Step 2: Place the double-sided adhesive tape.

Start by placing the adhesive tape along the walls.

Be careful not to put it too close to the skirting boards

Lay an adhesive strip across entrance of the room where the threshold strip sits

Keep going along all the walls in the room

Then, lay a strip diagonally across the whole room.

Step 3: Unrolling the seagrass carpet

Put the carpet roll along a wall and leave an excess of around 10cm .

lay the roll of seagrass carpet in the same way along all the walls of the room.

Cut the carpet at the doorway of the room.

Step 4: Laying the seagrass carpet

partly fold the seagrass carpet back up to remove the strip covering the other side of the double-sided adhesive tape.

Lay the carpet and make sure it is well stretched.

Fold the carpet back up on the other side and repeat the process.

Carefully mark the spots where the carpet reaches the wall with the smoothing tool

Cut the seagrass carpet with the boxcutter and smoothing tool

Screw the threshold strip back in.

Put the door back in place.

According to the thickness of the seagrass carpet, you might have to plane the bottom of the door

You now know how to lay seagrass carpet


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