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How to Use a Hole Saw

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Learn how to use a hole saw to make even, circular holes safely and effectively

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Never used a hole saw before? Help is at hand! This video is specially designed to teach you all you need to know to use a hole saw in your DIY projects. Remember the safety precautions before handling this tool!


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In this video, we are going to learn how to use a hole saw.

The hole saw allows you to make even circular holes in different diameters. It is useful if you need to build a power outlet hole for example, or to install a drainage pipe.

It is a tool made up of a drill bit an adjustable circular blades. Make sure you are only using one blade at a time.

There are many different types of blades depending on the material to be sawn. There are blades with teeth to saw wood and metal, and diamond edge cutters for sawing concrete and earthenware.

Ensure that the blade in your hole saw is suitable for your work. An unsuitable blade is at risk of breaking during the sawing process, or also of burning the material.

The hole saw is placed onto the drill like a drill-bit.

Start by screwing the blade of your choice onto the drill, to fix it in place

Then unscrew the drill's mandrel, insert the set and tighten it until you hear a click.

The hole saw is a powerful tool which needs to be handled with caution.

Before using it, think about wearing protective gloves and glasses.

Whatever the material to be sawn, ensure that it is straight and stable.

press your weight onto it and the surface to be sawn, place the drill perpendicular to the surfacae and gradually drive it in until the hole has been entirely cut.

When you drill, feel free to move the blade back up periodically so as to get rid of the shavings.

When the hole has been cut, turn the drill off. Reverse the rotation direction and move it in the opposite direction, so as to easily remove the blade.

Remove cuttings and shavings with a screwdriver.

Although for more solid materials like wood, you will need to hold and press down firmly, you must not apply too much force for lighter materials, such as plaster, in case they break.

When you use the hole saw on earthenware or tiling place some adhesive tape where you want to saw and make a little notch to trace. This way, your blade will not skid out of control. You can allso wet the tile with water to lubricate it.

When using the hole saw on a concrete block, do so gradually. Dust it off as you go.

For metal, drill at high speed. You can use lubricant. Metal becomes very hot very quickly, so be careful not to burn yourself.

After use, dismantle your blades and clean them with a metal brush.


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