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How to Tile a Bathroom

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Learn how to install bathroom tiles around a sink or a bath

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Looking to decorate your own bathroom? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will tell you everything you need to know so you can install bathroom tiles around your sink or bathtub.


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In this video we're going to learn how to install tiles around a sink or a bathtub.

It is the best solution to protect your wall from water spillages and humidity.

You should wear rubber gloves. Installing tiles is a time-consuming job which will require patience in order to ensure the best end result

To install tiles you'll need, tiles, tiling glue, joint sealer cross spacers, a trowel, a masonry trough, a notched trowel, a rubber mallet, a tile beater, a measuring tape, a tile cutter, a pencil, a rubber scraper, a boxcutter, a metallic spatula, a spirit level, a sponge and several cloths

To do this you need to follow these four steps.

Step 1: Preparing the installation.

Preparing the installation

To make it easier for the glue to adhere, the wall must be smooth and clean. If needed, lightly scrape away any rough irregularities on the wall with the metal spatula.

place a tile in the middle of the length of the bathtub and start measuring with the measuring tape, make marks with the pencil.

With a spirit level and a batten, trace a vertical line marking where the first row of tiles will start. Here this line will be at the level of the top of the bathtub, or the sink

[Not in French Version] ---Mark points at which you will need to drill holes on the surface to be tiled.

Place the first tile along the batten as a mock-up.

Mark where the second row of tiles should start by fixing a second batten. This is where we'll start installing the tiles.

Step 2: Applying the glue

Applying the glue

Starting from the vertical surface which has been left blank, apply glue with the notched trowel. make grooves in the glue running vertically along the wall and horizontally along the back of the tile itself using the notched trowel

Install the first tile. Tiling is always done from bottom to top.

install the tiles from the bottom to the top

Step 3: Installing the tiles

Installing the tiles.

Place the tiles, adding a cross spacer between each tile. starting from the second installed tile. To make sure all tiles are well set and levelled on the wall, place a tile beater on it and strike it a couple of times with the rubber mallet

Keep going until you've covered the entire surface

To cut the tiles, take one, decorated side facing upward. and mark where to cut

Place it on the tile cutter, decorated side facing upward.

Hold it on both sides of the point at which you need to cut and then cut.

Cut on the mark.

Repeat the process with any tile that needs to be cut.

Install the cut tiles on the wall, and don't forget the cross spacers.

Adjust the tiles of the last row, to finish insert a metal tile trim

scrape the excess glue with the spatula. Leave to dry for 24 hours

Leave to dry for 24 hours

Step 4: Grouting the joints

Grouting the joints

Remove the cross spacers, with the cutter gently scrape off the excess glue.

Prepare the joint sealer following the instructions on the pack.

With a rubber scraper spread the joint sealer in the grooves on 2 to 3 square meters

Hold the rubber scraper diagonally, so that it doesn't enter the joints too deeply

Then clean it off with the rubber scraper.

When it starts hardening, wipe with dry rags.

Then wipe with a slightly damp sponge that you will regularly rinse in clean water. Wait for a few minutes before wiping again in circular movements with a dry rag.

Leave to dry for 48 hours.

Leave to dry for 48 hours.

You now know how to install tiles around a sink or a bathtub


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