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How to Remove Wallpaper

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In this video, we are going tolearn how to strip wallpaper from a wall

Stripping wallpaper is not a difficult task. You just need to follow the method outlined as well as the appropriate safety measures.

You will need to use water to remove the wallpaper. Carefully protect your floors, your skirting boards and above all, your electrical installations. Disconnect the electricity in the room. If you have a wall-mounted radiator, for example, remove and cover it, to protect it.

Sockets and switches need to be carfully protected with adhesive tape and a plastic sheet.

Prepare a bucket of water, a wallpaper stripping product, a spatula or putty knife and a sponge.

In the proportions indicated by the product manufacturer, mix the water and the product together with a stick.

The technique consists of thoroughly wetting the sponge's surface.

For wallpaper that is somewhat plasticised or rather thick like this one, slash the surface with the tip of a Stanley knife or a metal brush, so that the product can soak in fully.

Now leave the product to work for about ten minutes.

Then, using your spatula, remove the wallpaper working from top to bottom.

Delicately remove the wallpaper while scratching off the glue with the spatula.

Wet the paper again with the sponge, if need be.

Once all the wallpaper been removed, leave the wall to dry for at least 48 hours.

Carefully dry any trace of water before turning the electricity and switches back on.


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