How to Install a Shower Screen

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Learn how to install a bath or shower screen in your bathroom by following our simple video tutorial

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Looking to give your bathroom a new lease of life? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will show you everything you need to know to help you install a bath or shower screen in your bathroom.


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In this video, we will learn how to install a bath screen.

Bath screens are a practical solution to avoiding water splashing from the shower onto the floor.

For this job, you will need: a bath screen, a carpenter’s bench, a spirit level, a hacksaw, a file, an electric drill-driver, and a pencil.

This job will require three steps which we are going to outline for you

Place the U-Channel for the bath screen where you plan to attach it.

Mark the required height of the base with a pencil.

Using the carpenter’s bench and a hacksaw, cut the u-channel to the required length,

then smooth the edges using the file.

Now place the u-channel along the length of where the bath screen will be attached, ensuring that it is perfectly aligned with the edge of the bathtub.

Check that the u-channel is fixed vertically using the spirit level. To help, use tape to keep the u-channel in place.

Near the bottom of the base, drill a hole through both the u-channel and the wall behind it at the level of the joint between the glass panels. Remove the u-channel, and place a wall plug into the hole. Repeat this near the top of the u-channel.

Screw the u-channel into the hole you have made in the joint

Slide the seal that came with the bath screen on to the bottom of the glass pane.

Place the pane into the base, flattening the seal against the bathtub.

Hold the pane so that it is perfectly aligned with the edge of bathtub.

At around 10cm (3.9 inches) from the bottom, drill a hole into the side the u-channel,

then screw the pane into place.

Repeat this at 10cm (3.9 inches) from the top.

You now know how to install a bath screen. [translator: owen little]

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