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How to Renovate an Office Desk

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Learn how to renovate your office desk.

In this tutorial video, you'll learn how to make your computer desk look as good as new!

Need a work surface? Help is at hand! This step-by-step video will tell you everything you need to renovate an office desk.


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In this video, we will learn how to renovate a work surface.

Coffee, tea, grease and ink stains... an office or kitchen work surface can be damaged by any kind of accident . A simple renovation and regular maintenance can bring a work surface back to life.

Use goggles, gloves, and a protective mask.

For this renovation, you will need: a brush, an electric orbit sander or hand sander, Large grit (40 or 60) sand paper, fine grit (120 or 150) sand paper, a round paintbrush, a large flat brush, a paint tray, transparent varnish or coloured varnish if the stains have marked the wood in depth.

Renovating a work surface is done in two steps which we will explain in detail.

Step 1: Sand down the work surface

Clean the table with the help of a brush. The surface should be dry before starting.

Attach the large grit sand paper to the sander. The ideal grit is 60 or 40.

If you are sanding by hand, sand along the wood grain. If using an electric orbit sander, plug it in, and have an extension lead ready, so that you can reach the whole surface.

Hold the sander firmly in both hands , without pressing too hard. Turn the sander on and begin sanding.

If using an orbit sander, make circular movements. If using a handheld sander move back and forth along the wood grain.

Never stay in the same spot, to avoid carving holes in the wood.

Sand the surface 2 or 3 times. To stop the sander, turn it off, carry on the last movement until the machine stops completely. Do not lift it up until the machine is finished rotating, otherwise it might damage the wood.

Then, brush off the dust. Unplug the sander and replace the sand paper with a lower grit paper to finish off.

Sand the work surface homogenously. The sanding is finished once the wood feels smooth. Finally brush off the dust and clean the table with a dry cloth.

STEP 2: Varnish or oil the work surface

Start by applying the varnish to the edges with a round paintbrush. Always apply the varnish following the wood grain. Varnish the top of the work surface with a flat paintbrush.

Paint the surface in sections of 20 cm (8") from the top to the bottom of the table, always paint in the direction of the wood grain. Use wide sweeping movements so that the layer of varnish is spread evenly. The surface is well varnished once there are no smudges left.

Paint quickly without stopping, as wood absorbs varnish quickly. Let the first layer dry the amount of time recommended on the tins instructions, normally around 4 hours. Don't forget to clean your brushes.

Once the surface is dry, sand the first layer with a fine grit sand paper to get rid of any bumps in the wood. It is possible to sand with classic sand paper or with a handheld sander.

Sand in the direction of the wood grain, going back and forth. Until the surface feels smooth. Brush off the dust and clean with a dry cloth. Finally, lay a second coat of varnish on the work surface.

This time you do not have to hurry, as the wood takes longer to absorb the varnish. Leave the second layer to dry.

Now you know how to renovate a work surface.


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